Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Effect of new Media on Society

What have been some of the effects of new media in society?

New Media has certainly become a major impact to society in many different way imaginable. Ever since the creation of the Internet, it provided society a portal to new innovating advances from entrepreneurship to social networking, and the dark side: victims of predators. New media has provided a revolutionary impact to the world and is continuing to expand as technology advances. It effects the financial business aspect as well. It has provided many individuals with fast and updated information; which can be very useful for some occupations such as a stock trader, where information is vital and a second delay may result in millions of dollars lost. It has certainly provided new and cheaper means of trading stocks as well. Sites like, which offers conveniently low commission rates which encourages Americans from all income levels to invest. At the same time new media whithers away the traditional trading commission model.

In our daily lives it has made shopping more convenient. Now we can have products of our desires delivered to our homes without ever having to step foot out of the house. It has certainly improved the traditional mail order model by folds in efficiency. And other aspect of our daily lives which was impacted by new media is the ability of it to connect individuals from different geography locations. With sites like and it becomes a portal to reach out for individuals from around the world without having to purchase a pricey airplane ticket.

In conclusion, new media is well embedded within our lives and in many ways we've become depended on it. Can you imagine a world with no internet? Where do we do extensive research!!

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ousmane djigo said...

I would like to put an emphasis on the dark side of New Media. Although the New Media improve our way of life,there is danger of it. People with malicious intent can use the New Media to hurt others (predators, terrorists, gangs)