Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Classmate's Term Project

I am a major fan of dogs, and a proud owner of a smart, beautiful, and bad boy puppy. I really enjoyed Eli's presentation about social networking through your pets. Before Eli's mentioning of i never knew of a world that existed. His presentation introduced me to a new society not just for humans but for pets as well. Americans loves their pets, and I'm sure people would love to get acquainted with other people with similar interests. Through and other pets website there are other large companies that provide for the needs of pet care. This is the business aspect of the social networking.

My Term Research Project

My term research project was essentially about Google as a company and its developments. I introduced to the class what Google was and how it came about. Then I walked through each break through product Google launched. I gave examples of how much of a social impact Google was to society since its launch. Once of my examples was Google as a dictionary. I also used Google's unique corporate model as an example too. I compared Google's efficiency to the common people and to people with bad intentions. That Google services are open to them too. My example was the public use of Google maps. =)

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Next New Thing

It seems to me that the new trend of development of new media is the cellular phone. Over the pass few years the development of the smart phones are becoming abundant. Even google now offers their own smart phone. I think the next new thing will be a completely revolutionary form of cellphone usage, with wider bandwidth that will allow better and faster internet connection. Maybe the entire phone can become an integration of a phone and a computer. Full function of a computer in a portable cell phone. I think that beats a desktop or even a laptop. I cant wait for that to come out. Goodbye desktop. Save space. Save time. Save energy. Go Green!

Old vs New

I guess the real obvious difference between old media and new media is the technology behind the new media. The conventional newspapers are old media and weblogs, RSS feeds, online news articles are forms of new media. Newspapers are slower in delivering the news, due to its pysical nature, while weblogs, RSS feeds and online news articles are all digital and is able to travel great distances in a blink of an eye. With this speed readily available it revolutionalizes the way people read, retrieve, and access news. Another old vs new media is the conventional mailing system vs email. Down fall is that some "official docs" needs to stay in original format instead of printing a copy. But regardless of that, your loved ones from around the world doesnt have to wait 3 weeks to receive a letter.

Advice to Baruch College

If i were to be hired by Baruch to use new media to improve the college, I would recommend professors of the same courses get together and form a centralized wiki. This would be a collaborative work amongst the professors of the same relevant course. The professors will collaboratively develop the the course syllabus and teach all classes relatively the same materials in the same manner. Part of this wiki will provide a "To Do" and "Not To Do" list of things for class. A list of what teaching method works or what doesn't work. This will allow the good experienced professors spread their knowledge on teaching methods to other professors.