Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Term Research Project

My term research project was essentially about Google as a company and its developments. I introduced to the class what Google was and how it came about. Then I walked through each break through product Google launched. I gave examples of how much of a social impact Google was to society since its launch. Once of my examples was Google as a dictionary. I also used Google's unique corporate model as an example too. I compared Google's efficiency to the common people and to people with bad intentions. That Google services are open to them too. My example was the public use of Google maps. =)


John said...

Very timely presentation. I heard that because of the attacks in Mumbai some are calling for a restriction of Google Earth. One of the militants admitted that they used Google Earth to prepare for the attacks. Really shows how the knife cuts both ways. I wonder how an attack on the infrastructure of the Internet would affect the economy.

Eli said...

Amazing how the convergence of google maps and other new media creats the earth such a small planet(communication/information wise. Cool presentation!!

Jongkyung Kim said...

Thank you for your information. Everyday, I uses google for my search engine and I heard a lot of news about google. However I did not know specific information about google company and their service.