Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Blogs vs. Wikis

There is a fundamental difference between blogs and wikis. Although they share a commonality, internet content, sizable difference can be visible. Blogs consisted of personalized messages, more like a web journal. It only has one author. On the contrast, wikis include multiple authors. Wikis are usually used as group collaboration to achieve a specific goal as a group. Blogs does not necessarily have a goal. Instead it is the voice of the author.

Aside from their differences they both play a part of the internet's vitality. That is that place assist and enhance social networking. Blogs converge individuals together through topic of discussions. People who share a similar interest in a particular topic may join the discussion via blogs. The exchange of ideas or debates may take place. In the example mention in one of the readings about Walmart blogging, merchandise managers are able to get quick feedbacks on services and/or product reviews.

Wiki's unite people in a similar way. It is a collaboration of data and information from all sources to finalize its product. It is a collection of information from a variety of groups. The finalized product is the ultimate source of information that the group sees fit. These groups maybe limited to a few authors or to the entire world. Wikies usage can almost be limitless. I believe that when multiple minds are place together magic is created.

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