Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My New Media Class – So Far

What kinds of technologies are part of the new media?

Computer technologies and the internet are the main players of new media. It provides a new concept in distributing information and connecting people from various countries. It is the concepts that is called new media.

How important is the internet in New media?

As stated before the internet is a vital part of new media. The internet offers a new dimension in the media world. In many sense it can be seen as a virtual world of information. As a virtual world new media may seem limitless.

Why and how are are the new media replacing/enhancing the old media?

Replacing - With new technologies that are developed it tends to assist new media. New media becomes more accessible and convenient to everyone. Because of its accessibility old media are replaced. Another factor that replaces old media is the availability of content. The internet stores a large variety of content and has more to offer than the old media.

Enhancing - Old media can be enhances by technological advances. Although the old methods of old media maybe replaced it is also gaining somewhere else. Technological advances allows old media to evolve into new media in a way it still carries the fundamentals of the old. Ex. newpapers maybe seem to be replaced by internet blogs and internet news content, but newspaper companies can take advantage on the technological advances and "go online". Providing their news columns online and on paper.

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